The metal filing cabinets presented in this heading are widely used for storing and organizing documents in A4, A5, A6, etc. as well as magnetic media such as CDs and DVDs. The range of application of such card files is quite wide: accounting departments, personnel departments, libraries, registries of polyclinics, design bureaus, IT companies, retail outlets for the sale of video and audio products, etc.
By their design features, as well as by purpose, file cabinets are divided into:

floor and table;
ordinary, fire-resistant and burglar-resistant;
for storing documents of different formats;
with a different number of boxes (from 2 or more);
file and just with a partition inside the box.

All card cabinets are equipped with central locking and drawer guides. The design is arranged in such a way that when one drawer is pulled out, the rest are blocked. This is done so that in a full state the cabinet does not turn over when the drawers are pulled out.
The internal space of the drawers of card-case cabinets, depending on the size, can be divided by a partition in the middle with optional removable inserts or equipped with special grooves for hanging file folders, which are usually purchased separately or can be included in the kit. Such removable folders allow you to group documents alphabetically, by headings or by other criteria, which greatly simplifies and optimizes work with documents in any enterprise.

Metal filing cabinets for sale, mostly disassembled. All parts are neatly packed in corrugated cardboard. The package includes assembly instructions, and the design is designed in such a way as to simplify this assembly process as much as possible. The maximum that you need to have a tool to assemble the entire structure is a screwdriver. At the same time, no technical knowledge is required from the assembler.
As for fire and burglar resistant filing cabinets, they are supplied pre-assembled. are much more complex designs. In fact, it is a safe, adapted for the functionality of a filing cabinet.