Today, individuals are allowed to have several types of weapons:

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Proceeding from the fact that all of these types on the power and destructive force, and therefore undesirable scale agri he effects if not properly stored, have a different “weight”, the owner and weapons cabinet is required in each case is different.

So, for example, to store a rifled barrel, a weapon safe must be locked with two locks independent of each other. In this case, it must be attached to the wall with two anchor bolts.

The requirements for storing a non-rifled barrel are “softer”, but, nevertheless, when buying such a gun, you will need to buy a safe for the weapon , because and the smoothbore should be stored in a metal cabinet under lock and key.

In general, the requirements for storing weapons may change, and what kind of safe you need for this weapon , it is better to check directly with your district police officer or at the place of registration as the owner.

When choosing a rifle cabinet, you should pay attention to several points:

In a first, the metal thickness – currently in storage and handling it is not specified, so in this case the choice is yours. If, in addition to weapons, the safe will also be used for storing documents and valuables, then, of course, it is better to take a cabinet that is more massive and made of thick metal. If only the gun and cartridges will be stored, then 1.2 – 1.5 mm of metal thickness is quite enough, and the price will of course be “nicer”.
Secondly, the locks. In most cases, key locks are used, less often mechanical and electronic coded locks. Choose what is more convenient for you.
Third, the capacity. Everything is obvious here, the more barrels and ammunition, the more capacious the weapon safe.
And fourthly, the prices. The simpler the safe, the naturally cheaper it is. If we are talking about wood finishing , exclusive painting, etc., then the price here will be different …

You can buy a gun safe in Ukraine today both on the Internet and in a regular store. Our online store BULATUS offers a wide selection, delivery territory – all of Ukraine (Kiev and other cities and villages), there is a warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk, sale by cash on delivery and prepayment, wholesale and retail.

We offer our customers the opportunity to make a gun safe according to their individual requirements. For example, you can make a cabinet for simultaneously storing a gun and money with documents by dividing the interior into two parts and equipping the structure with a safe lock . In this case, the thickness of the metal can be up to 10 mm, and the walls can be filled with heat-insulating material to protect the contents from fire in the event of a fire in the room.

Also, often a gun safe is installed in a ready-made niche in the wall or in a ready-made place in a clothes closet. Or there is simply only one place in the room where it can be installed. In such cases, standard models, in terms of their dimensions, do not always fit into the allotted place. The production of gun safes on order solves this problem.

Call or place an order through the shopping cart on the website and we will select a serial model for you or come up with an interesting non-serial version of a weapon safe!