The gun cabinet presented on this page is designed for convenient and correct storage of 1 (one) firearm up to 1050 mm long.

As you can see in the photo, inside the structure there is a compartment for cartridges (tracer), which is closed with a flag lock. There is a stationary shelf inside the traiser that divides it in half.

The door is locked with a key lever-operated three-bolt lock of medium burglary protection. Turn the key 2 turns. The lock body is closed with a metal box.

On request, it is possible to install a STUV safe lock with a key 60 mm long.

Weapon safes SO-1100T have the following distinctive features:

the presence of a compartment for cartridges;
one gun cradle;
powder-polymer painting;
key door locking.

The SO-1100T model is intended for storing smooth-bore weapons, because locked with one lock. For rifled weapons, see a similar model CHO-1100T, which can be locked with two locks.

Bulatus online store offers to buy a safe for weapons of a serial model or order the manufacture of a non-standard safe of any size and configuration.

Sale of weapon safes in Ukraine is carried out on an advance payment or cash on delivery.

You can order a safe for storing weapons and get it from a warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk. For customers from other cities and regions, we carry out shipment to any point in the country: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and other cities and towns.