A cache built into the wall, disguised as a block of three sockets, two of which are working, and under one there is a keyhole. The cover of the fake socket is fixed in place with a magnet. This design allows you to hide a metal safe in the wall and store jewelry, documents, money, etc.

An electrical wire is connected to the side of the cache body, through which the cache is connected to the general electrical network of the room.

The door is locked with an English lock with a four-sided key. The crossbar of the castle is one solid rectangular “tongue”. The key turns one turn.

The body is painted with powder enamel.

The rear wall of the structure has a built-in gap, i.e. its perimeter is larger than the perimeter of the body. These embeds are used to anchor or reinforce the cache inside the wall in order to give it more strength.

On request, it is possible to make a socket-outlet with any size of the case, with a left-sided or right-sided door closing.