Metal wardrobes are an indispensable attribute of a dressing room (locker room) of any enterprise. Convenient storage of changeable and clean clothes, as one of the most important factors in a comfortable working environment, undoubtedly contributes to an increase in the productivity of workers in production. Therefore, all large, medium and many small enterprises equip their premises for storing clean and changeable clothes with such metal wardrobes.
In addition, metal lockers for clothing are also used in sports organizations. These are gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools and other similar establishments. And they are also used in medical institutions, where there are also changing rooms for changing clothes.

Lockers for changeable and clean clothes are designed to be installed in rooms where there may be high humidity (for example, next to a shower), or a more aggressive atmosphere (in the chemical industry), or temperature drops. Therefore, the painting of such cabinets should be more resistant to environmental influences. To do this, they are covered with a special powder enamel that is resistant to moisture and chemicals.
In addition, the area of ​​the dressing room can also be limited, and for this, the lockers are made so that they can be arranged in different ways among themselves, complementing them with different models and sections.
Thus, metal locker cabinets have a number of advantages:

high-strength coating;
the ability to fasten individual lockers together to form a monolithic structure;
depending on the model, the possibility of additional equipment with benches, legs, shelves and partitions;
high environmental friendliness and ergonomics.

In our online store you can order metal locker cabinets of any configuration and in any volume. The standard color is light gray, but at the request of the customer, it is possible to supply cabinets of any color according to the RAL catalog.